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Bjorn Bolstad Skjelbred at Our Lady of Grace

Norwegian Composer Bjorn Bolstad Skjelbred will be flying in from Oslo to attend and speak at  the performance of his newest work "The Thin Line"  at Our Lady  of Grace Church, Ballston Lake, NY.


Internationally-acclaimed Video Artist Shawn Lawson will live-code real time computer graphics with live music by The Progression Ensemble. The group will perform works written specially for them by composers Bjorn Bolstad Skjelbred, Gene Pritsker, Dan Cooper, Christopher Cook, Michael Dilthey and Eric Despard. 

Norwegian Composer Bjorn Bolstad Skjelbred will fly in from Oslo to attend and speak at the concert.

The Progression Ensemble consists of Accordionist Rocco Anthony Jerry (New York), Guitarist Eric Despard (Vermont) and Cellist Michael Gilbert Ronstadt (Cincinnati).

Program includes:

Gene Pritsker - “If Her Waters Flow Not in Perpetual Progression” (2017)
Gene Pritsker - “Causes”, Suite for Solo Accordion (2016/2017)
Dan Cooper - work not yet titled (2018)
Christopher Cook - “Spectrum” (2018)
Bjorn Bolstad Skjelbred - “The Thin Line” (2017)
Bjorn Bolstad Skjelbred - “as the wind behaves” (2016)
Michael Dilthey - “Trio for Rocco” (2017)
Eric Despard - “Space Moving In - Space Moving Out” (2018)

Funding provided by Music Norway, Norwegian Society of Composers and Southern Vermont College.


Date(s): 04/21/2018 - 04/21/2018

Time(s): 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: Our Lady of Grace Church
73 Midline Road
ballston lake , NY United States


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